Day Thirty-Nine

We started swim lessons this afternoon at the Easter Seals Pool in Ventura.  What a wonderful change to an indoor, heated pool!  Walker had a great time kicking, splashing, singing songs and playing with toys.  He did really well blowing bubbles, going under water and jumping into the pool (He made sure Katelen was watching him while he was blowing bubbles).There were only two other boys in his class.  

Our parent/child class was limited to one section of the pool which made it really nice.  It gave us more one-on-one time with the instructor in a more compact setting than what we previously had being all spread out across a large pool.  There was a bit more structure, without it feeling “structured”.  We had the freedom to roam around on our own, allowing Walker to feel comfortable and do what he wanted to do in the water. 

We met Dee for dinner at Marie Calendars where Walker ate his entire grilled cheese sandwich, most of his french fries and almost half of the corn bread.  He had really worked up an appetite!  He went to bed a little late as we were watching American Idol, but he should sleep really good tonight.  Crossing my fingers!


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