Day Forty-Five

We headed to the Oxnard State Beach Park today to enjoy the not-so-windy day today.  On our way to the park, we stopped at Jersey Mike’s to pick up sandwiches and enjoyed sitting in the sun under a palm tree eating lunch together.  Of course, shortly after we arrived, the wind began picking up.  We headed towards the beach anyway and as it turned out, it was actually warmer by the sand and water than it was in the park!

We spent about 20 minutes or so playing in the sand and enjoying the sun.  Savannah and Walker played in the sand burying Savannah’s legs, then ran around chasing each other.  Needless to say when we returned home, Walker slept for almost 3 hours!  I cannot wait for Summer to enjoy more days like the one we had today….only warmer!

I couldn’t decide on what photograph to post today, so I posted my two favorites of the day.  The first is Walker sitting on Savannah’s dresser helping her with her make-up (She has the patience of a Saint with him!)  The second one was taken of Savannah on the beach wearing the new dress we bought her.  I hope you enjoy them both!


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