Day Fifty-Three

Walker and I went to our swim lesson this afternoon.  We missed last week since the pool had closed down due to the chlorine levels.  Walker was a bit lazy today.  He didn’t want to put his face in the water, nor did he want to use his arms to try to swim.  I figured the face in the water part may have had something to do with the war wound on his nose.  Much of the scab had come off and there was bare, red skin underneath.  It probably didn’t feel too good mixed with chlorine.

After swim lessons, Katelen, Walker and I met Dee for our usual Tuesday night dinner.  We went to Sizzler and Walker pigged out!  Good thing I bought the endless salad bar.  It would be the last time we see Katelen for a couple of weeks.  She is flying to Ohio on Thursday to visit with her grandmother.  Walker and I will miss her.

When we got home, Walker walked over to Bob and Sally’s house, just as he does every time we come home.  Sally was gracious enough to allow me to photograph her blooming flowers in the backyard.  I’ll be heading back over to Sally’s on Thursday for Scrapbook night.  Bob is coming over to watch a movie with Walker and keep him entertained.  I am so blessed with great neighbors!


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