Day Sixty-Five

Happy Father’s Day!

Dave, the kids and I started off this morning with a yummy breakfast Dave cooked.  Bacon, eggs and potatoes!  Even though it’s Father’s Day, he is still the great chef of the house!

Dave wanted to have a family photograph done so we got all of us together and took some quick shots before heading out to the car show.  It was tough setting everyone up, then running to get into place before the camera went off.  This was the best of the five shots as all of us were actually looking at the camera.  I don’t think we will put up the family photograph which includes Walker with his foot in his mouth!

The Channel Islands Harbor hosted the 5th Annual car show with lots of great looking classics.  Of course, the Corvette’s and older Camaro SS’s were my favorite!  They had a red 1969 SS Camaro with black interior Savannah and I could have driven off in!  Afterwards, we had pizza and salad for lunch then hung around the house the rest of the afternoon.  Dave and Savannah cooked a great dinner before Kelly and Savannah headed back to Fillmore.  All in all, it was a really nice family day.


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