Day Sixty-Six

It was difficult crawling out of bed this morning.  Dave’s alarm went off about 4:45 a.m.  This was his first day at his new command in San Pedro.  Walker must have heard him mulling about because when Dave went in to kiss Walker goodbye, he was standing up in his crib saying, “Daddy”!  So Dave plopped Walker in the bed next to me while I tried to go back to sleep.  Hard to do when a little boy is touching your nose, your hair, your face and rolling around.  I finally got up around 5:45, head cold in full swing.

I made it through the day at work without falling asleep from the cold medications (that’s always a good thing).  As soon as we came home, Walker wanted to go outside to play in his sandbox.  Dave came home about the same time we did.  He will be leaving with the RV tomorrow morning to move it down south to live in for the next month or so.  Walker was so excited to see the RV again that he grabbed his Polor Express movie, tugged and tugged at Dave’s shirt and told him he wanted to watch the movie with him in the RV.  So here I am posting my blog while Walker is having Daddy time in the RV (yes, parked in front of the house) watching Polar Express.  Too cute!


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