Day Sixty-Eight

Katelen returned from Ohio yesterday and came into the office to work this afternoon.  She was sorely missed; it was so great to see her.  Walker was probably the most excited to see her.  When I picked him up from daycare, he saw her sitting in the car and kept calling “KK!”, “KK!”  When he got into the car, he said, “Hi KK!”.  She asked him for a kiss and he leaned over and kissed her!  Boy, won’t Walker’s girlfriends be jealous!

Grandma Pam and Papa Walt came to visit for Dave’s change of command.  Papa Walt did made a sign to go above Walker’s sandbox that says “Walker’s Beach House”.  He did a fantastic job!  Walker loved it!  I’ll be posting a photograph of the sign another time. 

Bob and Sally came over after dinner to enjoy a glass of wine with us.  Walker pulled Sally outside to play with him and she ended up riding his tricycle around with him.  I took pictures; it was hilarious! 

There were lots of great photo opportunities today, but my favorite has got to be Walker kissing Katelen!


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