Day Seventy-Two

Nana and Papa Bullard left early this morning to head back up north.  They departed really early since Nana wanted to “swing by” Reno on their way home and play the one-arm bandits.  They called to let us know they made it and said they left Reno with more money than what they came with.  That’s always a good thing when you’re playing slots!

Daniel spent the night with us last night, so Bryan, Linda, Bryana and Jacky came out again today with one of Jacky’s friends.  Dave dropped Savannah off in Saticoy to meet her Mother, then Dave, Papa Walt and Kelly went golfing.  Well, Kelly didn’t really golf…he drove the cart around as their golf caddy!

While the guys were gone, the rest of us played Cranium.  We had a blast!  Bryan got bored while waiting for our turn and started sculpting the playdoh into a really cool looking creature.   What he ended up with was hilarious and actually, pretty good!  We had previously had a conversation about a comedian who did a skit called the “Me” Monster.  You know, the guy/gal who all they talk about is Me, Me, Me….I, I, I…this is why “I” am so great!  So, I gave Bryan’s sculpture the most appropriate name….The “Me” Monster!



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