Day Seventy-Six

Happy 19th Birthday Katelen!

After work today, Katelen, Walker and I stopped by Target to do some quick shopping before Katelen’s birthday dinner.  I let Katelen drive the Dodge from Target to Wood Ranch, which was not even a block away.  Yet it allowed her to get comfortable with the car.  Next week, I’m going to have her drive to pick up Walker at daycare.  The more practice she gets behind the wheel, the more comfortable she will be driving.

Dave and Savannah met us at Wood Ranch along with Dee and Katelen’s friend Hannah.  We had a great dinner!  Walker was pretty well behaved through most of it.  We were so stuffed from dinner that by the time the Birthday sundae arrived, everyone took one bite of it and was done!  We left it melting away on the table when we left the restaurant.  Katelen received gift cards, money and a ticket to the Galaxy game with Dee in a couple of weeks.  She was so excited!  She deserves it all!  Happy Birthday KK!


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