Day Ninety-Two

The sun was finally out in the morning.  Bryan, Linda and the kids came out for a visit and hopefully, go to the beach.  Of course, the wind kicked up and the fog started rolling in and out. 

We all took a trip to the Ventura Harbor to check out the pirate festival.  It was packed!  There were pirates and wenches everywhere!  It was pretty cool seeing all the elaborate costumes and the variety of Jack Sparrow’s around the village.  We grabbed one for a photo and he was definately “in character”.  We ran into Elizabeth and Andrea, then Bryan and Linda ran into friends of theirs as well.  Surprising as there were so many people there.

Elizabeth joined us for dinner, then Bryan and I headed to the beach for a product photo shoot with Leslie’s Rock Bottom Bags.  Although it was a little chilly, the lighting was awesome.  We stayed just before sunset then headed back to the house.  Bryan, Linda and the kids left around 9:00 p.m.  After putting Walker to bed, Elizabeth and I stayed up until midnight talking and getting caught up with each other. 


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