Day One Hundred Three

Another beautiful day in Ventura today.  April and I went for a walk at lunchtime and ran into the gardeners working on this gorgeous house on the corner by our office.  We had peeked into the backyard before where they had used red spanish tile with blue inlay for their back patio, then built wood planters and benches around one side.  As we were peeking through, a gentleman came out and asked if we wanted a closer look.  Of course we did! 

As it turns out, we met Julio, the gentleman who actually planned and installed the patio and built all the wordworking around the yard.  He was in the middle of building a gorgeous blue tile fountain for the family as well.  April and I grabbed business cards, thanked him for his kindness, then headed out for our walk.  When we got back to the office, I grabbed my camera and we headed back to the house to photograph the backyard for April.  I’ll be sending her those photos later this evening.

We had left-overs for dinner tonight, ribs and potatoes, then jumped into the hot tub to relax.  While I was getting my bathing suit on, this cute little naked boy came into the house to get me.  He was holding two plumeria’s he had taken off our plant in the backyard.  “Here Mommy!”  It was so cute.  And yes, I’m sure Dave had something to do with it too.  Gotta love those romantic boys!

After the hot tub, Walker streaked around the backyard holding his robe like the cape of a superhero.  He loves to run around naked!  Let’s just hope this isn’t a prelude to what he’s going to do at football games when he gets older!


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