Day One Hundred Four

Today I had lunch with Adele whom I hadn’t seen in about three (3) years.  Adele took me under her wing when I first came to work for Taylor, McCord back in 2001.  She is an awesome lady and a truly inspiring mentor.  She encouraged me to obtain my Paralegal certificate and further my education.  I am grateful for her support, encouragement and her friendship.  Thank you Adele!

Walker and I went over to Bob and Sally’s house today to feed the dogs.  Bob and Sally are celebrating their anniversary in San Diego.  Duke and Darby were so excited to see us!  The cat, Felix, could care less.  Walker kept trying to take out Duke’s toys so he and Duke could play together, but I told him he would have to wait until Bob and Sally to got home.  I didn’t want either one of them getting all riled up while Bob and Sally weren’t there.  Duke stopped running around long enough for me to take this photo of him with one his toys.

The remainder of the evening at the Bullard household was fairly quiet and relaxing.


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