Day One Hundred Nine

At lunch today, April and I began our walking program again, walking about a mile and a half through the adjacent neighborhoods.  It was a beautiful day out today.

Katelen, Walker and I met Dee for dinner at Toppers in Ventura.  Katelen got to drive the Dodge from the Target by the mall to Toppers.  I need to allow her to drive more often so she can get some more experience under her belt.  She has until November to get her license.  She did a really good job and I only made her re-park twice! 

After we got out of the car, Katelen was so nervous that she didn’t see the gorgeous white Camaro with pink accents parked right across from us.  She got so excited when I pointed it out!  We had to take a photograph of her and Walker standing next to her dream car.  Guess I’ll have to invite her over when Leslie comes to town with her new Camaro!


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