Day One Hundred Twelve

Today was Bob and Sally surprise anniversary party!  Bob and Sally hit the 25 year mark on July 26, 2011.  Bob and Sally were married 25 years ago in Las Vegas.  There was no family, no party, no giant wedding celebration or reception.  So today, their friends wanted to throw a party for them to celebrate a wonderful 25 years together.

Jean and Fernando hosted the party at their beautiful home in Victoria Estates.  When Bob and Sally arrived, they were surprised…and moved by all their friends who had shown up for the occasion.  There was fabulous food, gifts, champagne, wine and a gorgeous cake Jean had made for them.  Shortly after Bob and Sally arrived, Jean gathered everyone out back to share some thoughts and prayers for Bob and Sally, then offered them the opportunity to renew their vows.  They agreed.  We watched as Bob and Sally renewed their vows in a short, sweet ceremony.  Then, the doves arrived.  Jean had arranged for beautiful white doves to be released after the renewal of vows.  Both Bob and Sally held the doves (while one of them pecked at Bob’s hand), then the two of them released their doves while a small cage of doves were released with them.  It was beautiful.

Congratulations Bob and Sally on your 25th Wedding Anniversay!


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