Day One Hundred Sixteen

Walker and I went to dinner with Katelen and Dee after work today.  Before we met Dee for dinner, we stopped by Target to pick up a few things, including an 8-pack of “C” batteries for Walker’s train.  As we headed down one of the aisles, Walker stopped and grabbed a bottle of cooking oil.  He said, “Mommy, juice!”  It looked just like a bottle of apple juice to him.  Good thing he doesn’t do the grocery shopping for the house.

Katelen drove us from Target to dinner at Casa De Soria.  As we passed under the 101 and 126 freeway, I instructed Katelen to move over one lane into the far left lane.  She looked in her mirrors, turned, looked behind her and began moving into the left-hand lane.  She was almost halfway into the lane when a clueless driver swerved into our lane.  The woman in the other car had been sitting in the left-hand turn lane waiting to get onto the freeway when she suddenly decided she didn’t want to go that way.  Katelen saw her just in time and swerved back into the middle lane.  The other driver just kept going, completely oblivious to the accident she nearly caused.  Although Katelen was a little shaken, she did a great job of defensive driving and got us to dinner safe and sound.


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