Day One Hundred Twenty

Kelly and Savannah came to visit today in Kelly’s new (used) car.  He purchased an older Toyota 4Runner from a friend of his Moms.  It is blue and in really good condition.  He’s excited about his purchase.  We are hopeful he keeps up on the payments.  If he does, Dave said we’d take the vehicle over, put off-road tires on it and take it four-by-fouring up the Rincon by the cabin!

Today was haircut day.  Walker’s bangs were growing just below his brows into his eyes and the sides were grown out over his ears.  Kelly needed a trim as well.  We headed to the base and were fortunate enough to find the same hairdresser who cut Walker’s hair the last time we were there.  She is so good with Walker and he behaves well for her.

After haircuts, we did some shopping at the Navy Exchange and the Commissory.  Savannah and I dropped the boys off at the house, then headed out to do some school clothes shopping at the Pacific View Mall.  It was so much fun to hang out with her again…it had been nearly a month since we last spent time together.  School starts Tuesday for Savannah so I was grateful to have this time with her.  We started at Macy’s, then went to Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret and JC Penney.  We ran into April, Olivia and Rachel in Macy’s.  They were doing the same thing….school shopping!



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