Day One Hundred Twenty One

On Wednesday this past week, Dave picked up four Dodger tickets for today’s game against the Houston Astros.  It was a warm 82 degrees in Los Angeles today and our seats weren’t in the shade.  Fortunately, the game wasn’t too packed so we were able to move to a shadier spot.  Dave, Walker, Kelly and I ate Dodger Dogs while Savannah enjoyed the frozen lemonade.  We had brought all sorts of snacks including red vines, chips and of course, roasted peanuts.  Walker ate it all!

The Dodgers started off the game with a home run and soon shot out in front of the Astros.  The Astros never had a chance.  We watched as rookie Justin Stellar who first appeared in the Dodger lineup last week, hit his first career home run today.  The crowd went wild!  We left just after the 7th inning, but the game had pretty much been over long before that. 

Kelly and Savannah left for Fillmore about an hour after we arrived at home.  I was able to grab Kelly for a quick photo of him and his new car – a blue Toyota 4Runner.  He asked Walker to be in the picture with him. 


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