Day One Hundred Twenty Four

I joined an online photography club last night through  When I was reading through the club introduction pages, it became apparent that this club is serious about member participation.  I will have the ability to critique photographs by other photographers and be critiqued myself in order to improve photography and processing skills.  It will be fun to be able to “talk shop” with other photographers who understand what shooting “RAW” is versus shooting “JPEG”. 🙂

The club has a monthly theme/contest (though there are no prizes).  The theme for August is “get down and dirty”, meaning get on the ground and shoot from a different perspective.  I’m looking forward to these type of new ideas to improve my photography and to help my blog with some variety.  So, with camera in hand, I went into the backyard this afternoon and began shooting from the ground.  I took several photographs, but was happy with the way this one turned out for the blog.  The photograph was taken from a squatted position (it hurt to lay in the river rocks!) shooting skyward in order to capture the top of the Hawaiian flower bush, the blue sky and the clouds. 


One response to “Day One Hundred Twenty Four

  1. Vibrant! : )

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