Day One Hundred Forty One

Sally and I had some girl time together this morning and went to have pedicures.  We drank coffee, read photography magazines and relaxed for about an hour before the rest of the family was due to arrive.

Bryan, Linda and the kids arrived just before lunchtime, then Leslie, Brandon and Faith arrived about an hour and a half later in Leslie’s new Camaro SS.  What a gorgeous car!  It’s white with black stripes down the front.  It looks and sounds awesome!  Yes, I’m a little jealous; but fortunately for me, there’s not a lot of room in the back seat for Walker’s car seat, so we’ll stay with the Daytona for now.

It was cold and foggy here most of the day so we spent a lot of time inside playing games and goofing around.  Walker never did take a nap today.  He was so wound up from all the company.  Dave and Brandon drove to Fillmore later in the afternoon to pick up Savannah, then Kelly came over around 8:30 p.m. when he got off of work.

That evening, Walker and Faith took a bath together (which they tend to do every time they are together).  I took photos of them, but those won’t be posted on my blog.  One potty photo is good enough for future embarrassment of the kids.  After bathtime, Walker and Faith joined Bryana and Daniel in the spare bedroom to watch a movie on Bryan’s laptop.  It was too cute seeing all of them laying on the bed together, concentrating on the movie.


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