Day One Hundred Forty Six

It’s Legoland Day!  We arrived at the Morico’s in Murrieta last night around 9:30 p.m. and out the door this morning just after 9:00 a.m.  Papa Bullard and I drove with Walker while Lesley and Ethan led the way.  The boys were so excited about what the day would have in store for them.  At first, Walker didn’t want to go on the roller coaster and was fairly crabby after not getting a good nap.  But soon, that all changed. 

We followed the boys all around the park and were able to ride everything we/they wanted.  This time, we were able to spend a little more time touring MiniLand.  They have a new Star Wars section that was amazing.   Then we found the new 9/11 memorial and memorial building Leoland was in the process of constructing.  On the boat tour on the outskirts of MiniLand, the gal announced that the Park had never built the Twin Towers – they could never get it built to scale.  So they were constructing a entirely new New York section along with the New York construction. 

Ethan and Walker had a blast!  We were able to get Walker onto the electric car racing ride (we told a little fib as you had to be 3 years old) along with Ethan.  You had to be able to steer the car and use the gas pedal.  Walker soon got the hang of it while Ethan raced around.  When Walker finally caught up to Ethan, they had their own race down the straightaway.  That was when Walker’s Nascar watching must have kicked in.  He pulled in front of Ethan, then turned and put him into the wall, not allowing Ethan to pull out ahead and win.  It was hilarious, although we are fairly certain he didn’t do it on purpose.

Our fun at Legoland ended at about 3:30 p.m.  That was when the power went out all over the Park.  We found out later that the power was out from Arizona to San Diego and Orange County which affected our plans for dinner together as well.  None of the restaurants, stores or gas stations were open for business due to the power outage so Papa, Walker and I decided to head North to the RV.  We would be meeting up with the Morico’s tomorrow for our weekend at San Onofre.


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