Day One Hundred Forty Eight

The rain began around 5:00 a.m. this morning as it pitter-pattered on the RV.  It wasn’t too chilly out, just wet.  We stayed inside and put on a movie for the boys while Dave cooked up a huge breakfast for everyone.

Although it was cloudy most of the morning, the sun peeked out just before 3:00 p.m. and made for a warm, sunny afternoon.  Lesley had packed goodie baskets for the boys which included a beach ball, giant sunglasses, toys, bubbles and best of all, a kite!  We took the boys down to the sand and helped them fly their kites.  The rest of the afternoon was spent playing in the sand, building sandcastles and tunnels.  The water was pretty cold, but Dave put on his wetsuit and went surfing anyway.

I captured this photograph of Steven and Ethan while Ethan was flying his kite and Steven was relaxing, enjoying the moment.  It was one of my favorites from today.


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