Day One Hundred Fifty Four

Another happy Friday! 

I left work at noon today, picked up Walker and met Dave for lunch at Casa De Soria.  After Walker’s nap, we headed to Toys R Us to pick up a new Nerf football.  Of course, that always leads to other things ending up in our cart, like a new Thomas the Train Look and Find book and a giant Thomas the Train floor puzzle.  Walker has really been into floor puzzles lately and is constantly putting them together at Lori’s house and when he gets home.  That will be on his birthday list for anyone who asks what he wants!  We also looked at 12″ bicycles, but he was a little timid about them.  He’d rather have the huge electric Jeep like Ethan has.

It was a big night in the Bullard household last night.  The front of Walker’s crib came down and Walker got to sleep in his new Toddler bed!  He was so excited!  That’s when I discovered that I had no bedding for him!  The blanket he had been sleeping with was way too short for his new bed as was the comforter that came with his original crib set.  Looks like we’ll be going shopping tomorrow.  I think the only drawback to Walker’s new bed will be that he can now get up, wander into our bedroom in the middle of the night, stare at us and freak us out.  Let’s hope he doesn’t do that too often! 


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