Day One Hundred Fifty Nine

The stage has been set . . .

The opponents have been chosen . . .

Each opponent has chosen his weapon . . .

The duel is on!

What fun it was!  Walker and Katelen playing in the Halloween section of Target today.  Of course, it was Walker who grabbed two play swords, handed one to Katelen and began the duel.  It was hilarious!  We almost got busted by a Target employee.  Though it looked like we hadn’t been the only ones playing in that section as so many items were strewn about.

Katelen got to drive to her Dad’s house in the Dodge and for the first time, got onto the freeway.  She was nervous, but she did great!  I then had her go through the drivethrough at McDonalds so we could get her and Walker a small bite to eat.  Walker and I had plans to go walking with Sally when we got home and it was already 5:30 p.m.  Katelen had two firsts driving today – freeway and drivethrough!

Sally, Walker and I had a nice, long walk this evening.  Even though I brought Walker’s stroller, he never got in it.  We stayed within the neighborhood so we didn’t have to worry too much about traffic.  When we came back to the house, Sally and I enjoyed a glass of wine while I made cheese quesadillas for her and Walker.  Bob came over later and stayed for a bit after Walker’s bath.  Then, Walker was off to dreamland.  Thank you Sally for the flashlight suggestion!  Walker was much better about going to bed tonight knowing he had his handy flashlight nearby.




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