Day One Hundred Sixty Three

We woke up to rain this morning and a backyard of wet toys that had been left out overnight.  We hung around this house this morning finishing chores and playing with Walker’s puzzles and Legos.  Kelly came over around 11:30 a.m. to visit which gave me about a 2-1/2 hour break to run some errands alone!  Walker went down for a 2 hour nap which gave Kelly and Dave time to work on Kelly’s car.

In the evening, we had a nice dinner together in the dining room which we hadn’t done in quite some time.  I checked my e-mails this evening and discovered I had received two separate “Finalist” picks from for a couple of the photographs I entered into their monthly contest.  This was only the second and third time I have ever received a Finalist pick, so it was a nice surprise.  One of the photographs was “In Search of the Sock Monster”, the photograph I had taken of Walker halfway inside the dryer.  The other photograph they picked as a Finalist was from the Fowler Wedding I shot in July this year.  I have also been chosen as a Better Photo Member Favorite on the website.  I shared the news with Dave and Kelly; they were so proud!  I told Walker too, but he had no idea what we were excited about.  He just said, “Yeah!”





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