Day One Hundred Sixty Five

Summer finally arrived in Ventura County today!  It was in the high 70’s when April and I went for our walk at lunch today.  There was a light breeze but it was very warm.  I love this weather!

Walker and I went over to Bob and Sally’s for dinner tonight – tater-tot casserole and salad.  I loaded up on salad so I wouldn’t eat so much of the casserole; I’ve gotta weigh in at Jenny Craig tomorrow and it’s not going to be pretty!  A little too much indulging in vino the last few evenings.

While we were waiting for Sally to get home, Bob, Walker and I headed to the backyard for some football.  It was there that I discovered the most peculiar flowers I’d ever seen.  I ran home, grabbed my camera, 100mm macro lens and flash just in case.  While I was photographing the flowers, Sally came home and informed me they were passion flowers.  They only bloom during the day and are dormant at night.  Although there were only two of them on the huge bush, they were gorgeous!


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