Day One Hundred Sixty Six

Our summer ended quickly again as the fog and cold rolled back in.  It was a busy day at the office which made the time pass quickly (thank goodness!).

Dave came home this evening and Walker got so excited when he saw his car in the driveway.  When Sally came home, we all walked down to Anaba’s Sushi Restaurant and had dinner.  Walker tried miso soup for the first time and Dave tried to get him to taste a sushi roll.  Walker wasn’t having anything to do with it!  We played around the stadium steps of the harbor for a while after dinner before walking back home. 

It was a good evening…until bathtime.  Then Walker lost his mind.  We have no idea what triggered it other than him trying to make a decision to get into the hot tub or the bathtub.  I was finally able to get him into the bathtub kicking and screaming when Dave took over.  Walker continued his tantrum for about 20 minutes until finally calming down.  He lost his mind again when it was time for bed.  That ordeal lasted about 45 minutes.  I know it’s probably a phase he is going through, but Lord help us get through this quickly!

The photograph for today’s blog was taken rather quickly while I was driving Katelen to her Aunt’s work.  We had just picked up Walker and we were leaving Lori’s neighborhood when this gentleman walked across the crosswalk in front of us wearing football shirt, carrying a Walmart bag and a banged up guitar case.  It was such a random sighting for this neighborhood that I had to take a shot.



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