Day One Hundred Sixty Nine

Sally and I headed out this morning to get our pedicures in preparation of our Laughlin trip this week.  We can’t wait!  We had a relaxing time drinking our Starbucks getting our toes done.

In the afternoon, Walker refused to take a nap.  So I threw him in the car to run some errands in the hopes of putting him to sleep.  It worked.  He slept through my entire shopping trip at Target.  Thank goodness!

Dave, Walker and I headed to Santa Barbara to watch Savannah cheer for the Fillmore Flashes football game at Santa Barbara City College.  We left early enough to fit in dinner before the game.  As we drove into Santa Barbara, we noticed the traveling Vietnam Wall set up on the grass area by the beach.  We stopped to pay tribute to those who lost their lives, including Dave’s uncle William, whom he never met.  We found William’s name engraved on panel 10E, line 36 and took a charcoal impression of his name to give to Dave’s Dad.  Then, Dave pulled Walker aside and talked to him about how William lost his life during the Vietnam War.  He may not truly understand now, but he will someday.  We will make sure of that.

We ended up at The Palace for dinner, a great cajun restaurant with yummy food, then headed to the game.  Unfortunatley, the Fillmore Flashes lost to the Santa Barbara Cardinals by about 31 to 7.  It was still fun and great to see Savannah cheer.


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