Day One Hundred Seventy Nine

It was a gorgeous day in Ventura today.  It was a good thing I looked at the weather report before grabbing Walker’s clothes for daycare – shorts, t-shirt and sandals.  When I picked him up from daycare, he was one sweaty little boy!  They had been playing outside pretty much the entire day.

Walker and I just chilled this evening.  He watched Dora and Diego while I fixed dinner for us.  I think he was exhausted from playing all day.  He started to go outside once, but then crawled onto the couch and asked to watch TV.  He didn’t even want to play football.

It wasn’t until bath and bedtime that I realized how tired and cranky he was.  He threw a tantrum about getting into the bathtub, kicked, screamed and refused to get in.  He soon came to the realization that Mommy always wins and he got into the bathtub (even though his bath was less than 5 minutes).  He is just now finally falling asleep after throwing his second tantrum about going to bed.  That started well over 45 minutes ago.  Again, Mommy (eventually) wins. 

Yeah, the rest of the evening is mine…and I’m exhausted!  Looks like I’ll be hitting the sack soon too!


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