Day One Hundred Eighty One

It was another summer day in Ventura today.  Olivia, April and I took David to lunch to celebrate Bosses Day coming up on Monday.  We had a nice lunch at Jonathan’s in downtown Ventura. 

In the afternoon, Patrick asked if I could photograph some old Cadillac parts for him before I left the office.  He will be selling them on E-bay.  So after shooting the parts, I took a quick photograph of Patrick as he was explaining to Richard what the old parts were actually used for (to Richard and I, they looked like junk!).

Dave was home this afternoon so he, I and Walker took a walk to a local sushi place for dinner.  We stopped by the Halloween store looking for a costume for me.  Yes, I’m going to dress up with Walker when I take him trick-or-treating.  It’ll be fun!  Dinner was okay, but not near as good as it used to be.  I don’t think we will be going to that restaurant anymore for dinner.


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