Day One Hundred Eighty Three

Today is the halway mark of my Blog!  I am so proud of myself for shooting a photograph every day for the past 6 months!  I hope my readers have enjoyed the photographs and the posts as well.

I headed back to the costume store today to finally try some costumes on.  Fortunately, Walker fell asleep in his stroller which made it a bit easier for me to do that.  I found a couple of costumes I liked, but ended up not buying anything because I couldn’t find anything that I absolutely loved.  I also stopped by
Michael’s to pick up my Yosemite Tunnel View 16 x 20 photograph I had framed.  I looked great!  I can’t wait to hang it in the house.  While I was shopping with Walker, Dave headed to Silverstrand to catch some waves.  Walker and I met up with Dave at Silverstrand so Walker could play on the beach for a while.  I captured one of the tall ships coming into the harbor while we were there.

Sally came over for dinner and wine in the evening.  Dave made yummy chicken on the grill, then we sat around the fire pit and ate smores.  We only allowed Walker to have one smores but that was enough.  He was running around the backyard in the dark with no pants on!  Her had a great time!


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