Day One Hundred Ninety Eight

It was clean-up day today after the party.  Fortunately, we had taken care of most of the dishes and cleaned up the backyard last night before bedtime.  It made it a lot easier to clean up this morning.

Papa Bullard, Grandma Sherry and I took Walker and Faith to the McGrath Pumpkin Patch this morning to get out of the house.  Everyone else stayed behind to relax and watch football.  We had a great time at the pumpkin patch.  Faith and Walker were pointing out the different shapes of the pumpkins.  Faith said they looked like hamburgers and hotdogs!  Walker went right along with it.

Walker and Faith were watching the Mickey Mouse Halloween movie in our bedroom this afternoon when Walker finally fell asleep for a nap.  In the meantime, Leslie and Faith packed up to leave.  They tried to wait for Walker, but it was getting late.  A good thing too – Walker ended up sleeping for 4 hours!   I guess he was making up for missing his nap and having a late bedtime yesterday.  Papa Bullard, Grandma Sherry and I played cards while Walker slept.  It will be a quiet relaxing evening at home tonight.  Tomorrow will probably be a late night too – It’s Halloween!




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