Day Two Hundred Eleven

It rained pretty good last night which left the backyard wet and cold this morning.  It was a good thing we decided not to go to the cabin this weekend!

In the morning, we went to Home Depot to pick up spa chemicals and things for the house.  On the way back, Dave took me through Ivy Lawn Memorial cemetary to photograph all of the flags that were lined up through the cemetary for Veteran’s Day.  It was an awesome sight.  Along the way, Dave found parts of a tattered American Flag on the ground.  He pulled over and picked up the pieces that looked like they had been driven over by others.  We would burn the pieces tonight in a small ceremony.

At lunchtime, we all headed over to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the multiple college football games that were on.  While the wings were good, the nachos were not something we would order again.  There wasn’t a lot of cheese or chicken on them and most of the chips were plain.  We still had a great time eating wings.   Afterwards, we dropped Savannah and Madison off at the mall for a couple of hours.

In the evening, Bob and Sally came over for a nice backyard fire and Smores.  It rained on us a little bit but no one cared.  It was nice sitting by the fire and talking.  Dave grabbed the pieces of the American Flag he’d picked up earlier in the day, then put on TAPS on his computer.  We had a moment of silence and a small ceremony as we burned the tattered pieces of the flag.





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