Day Two Hundred Twenty One

I left work at noon today and headed home to pick up Savannah and Madison for our lunch and movie date.  We had lunch at In & Out Burger with cheeseburgers and animal fries.  Yummy!  We headed into Ventura to see “Like Crazy” which was supposed to be a really good “chick flick”.  Well, it was a little too artsy for us and when the movie ended, all three of us said, “What?”.  It was really strange.  There were some good parts, but some of it was pretty strange.

Afterwards, we picked up Walker from daycare and headed to the beach off Fifth Street to shoot some pictures and walk on the beach.  It was pretty chilly out but everyone was a good sport.  When we got home, Dave was making a great shrimp, pasta and clam dinner in celebration of Savannah’s birthday.  It was delicious. 

Well, we are all packed and ready to head to Arizona bright and early tomorrow morning.  I am really looking forward to seeing everyone there!


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