Day Two Hundred Twenty Six

We got up early this morning to get on the road back home.  We left Dad and Pam’s around 5:20 a.m.  Pam, Grandma Sherry and Lyla Blu had gotten up early to see us off.  We had such a nice time visiting and talked about other places to visit when we come back.

It was a long ride home but fortunately, we left early enough to miss most of the traffic.  There were a lot of toy haulers, campers and trailers coming back from the desert from a weekend of fun riding.  Passing them all on the road made me miss our dirt bikes and the times we took Savannah and Kelly riding up at Gormon.  I hope Walker will get into riding so we can get back to enjoying camping and dirt bike riding.

Home brought cleaning and laundry for the remainder of the day, not to mention an afternoon and evening filled with football.  On the way home today, I happened to have my camera in my lap when this yellow car zoomed by us.  We weren’t sure what make or model it was or if it was custom built.  Either way, it was fast and really cool looking!


2 responses to “Day Two Hundred Twenty Six

  1. Sorry. “Ultima”

  2. The car is an Ulima GTR, a kit car designed in England using a custom chassis and body, Chevrolet engine, and Porsche transaxle. Advertised as the quickest and fastest ‘supercar’ in the world, faster around the ‘Top Gear’ track than the Ferrari Enzo.

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