Day Two Hundred Twenty Eight

It was a busy morning at work today, but it made the day go by faster.  Patrick and I went to Chipotle to pick up lunch and brought it back to the office to eat.  We talked about Christmas, his daughter’s new house and gift ideas for them, Portia and of course, Caden.  I told him about some of the things Walker had received which I thought Caden would love…if he didn’t already have them.  It will be a fun Christmas this year as both Walker and Caden are now 3 years old.  Walker has already asked about the Christmas tree for his big choo-choo to circle around.  We’ll be shopping for trees this weekend.

We went to the grocery store after work, then headed home for a quiet evening.  Walker and I went into the hot tub, then watched  Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer on TV.  It was a good evening.


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