Day Two Hundred Twenty Nine

Happy 19th Birthday Jonathan!

After work, Walker and I dropped off Katelen at her aunt’s office, then headed home.  When we arrived, Walker got out of the car and headed to Bob and Sally’s house.  They have a giant firetruck with Santa inflatable on their driveway that Walker just loves.  He goes over, talks to it and tries to climb on it.  It’s too funny.

We all ended up going to Yolanda’s for dinner last night as it was too dark, cold and windy to walk (any excuse will do!).  We had a good time enjoying food, drinks and conversation.  Walker got into the bath a little early, then we relaxed the remainder of the night.  Walker fell asleep watching “X” factor so he was good and out by the time I put him into his bed.  However, he woke up around 10:30 p.m. screaming and kicking.  It appeared he was having night terrors again.  It took a good 15 minutes for him to calm down.  When I tried to put him back into his bed, he asked to sleep with me.  Of course, I couldn’t say “no” after that ordeal!  Poor little buddy!


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