Day Two Hundred Thirty Two

Dave and I finally had the opportunity last night to discuss a suggestion that Lori had made on a couple of occasions – getting Walker a dog.  Walker has had a really hard time when Dave leaves for work for the week and this week was particularly hard on him.  We had just spent over five days together with Dave, Walker and I so when Monday rolled around, Walker was pretty out of whack.  Lori had suggested that giving Walker a cat or a dog to care for would give him responsibility as well as someone to come home to that would be excited to see him.

I began doing research on breeds of dogs that were good around small children, then Dave and I had long discussions about the type of dog, what we expected, care for the dog, etc.  If we weren’t on the same page, it wasn’t going to work.  The other issue was that although Dave and I would prefer a bigger dog, Walker was afraid of most dogs that were larger than him (besides Duke and eventually, Lyla Blu).  We need a dog we can hike with, take camping and take to the cabin.

So, this morning, we headed up to the Humane Society in Ojai to look at a couple of dogs I had seen online.  Dexter was one of the dogs and Charlie was the other dog.  When we found Dexter, he was barking and skiddish.  He wouldn’t come anywhere near us.  In the same cage, was a really mellow dog, mixed rat terrier, named Sampson.  We were able to spend some time with Sampson and really liked him.  However, Sampson didn’t want to have anything to do with Walker.  That was a problem.  After spending time with Sampson, we found Charlie.  Charlie is a Doxle – mixed Dauschaund and Beagle.  He is just under a year old, still a puppy.  I fell in love!  He was cute, playful, didn’t bark and wanted to play with Walker.  Although when Charlie jumped up on Walker, Walker was less than thrilled.  We decided to go have lunch, then come back to visit with Charlie again to see how we felt and to discuss both Sampson and Charlie.

After lunch, we came back and spent a little more time with Charlie – close to 45 minutes.  Dave ended up really liking Charlie too.  Although Walker was a little skiddish with Charlie, by the time we left, Walker was hugging Charlie good-bye.  Charlie is still a puppy so he will need some training.  Yet while we were there, we were able to hold him, have him sit and calm him down when we needed to.  When I walked away from the play area and came back, he didn’t bark at me.  He didn’t bark at Walker or at Dave.  I think he will be very trainable.  We put in our application to adopt Charlie.  The Humane Society sends out officers to do a yard check so tomorrow, we will be buying all the things Charlie would need to get set up so we can pass the yard check.  We are keeping our fingers crossed!


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