Day Two Hundred Thirty Four

I received a call early this morning from the Humane Society informing me they were going to do a yard check today for Charlie.  I was so excited, called them back and gave them the okay!

However, when we got home, there was no sign that anyone had been there for the yard check.  No note, no business card, no nothing.  So, we still don’t know if someone came to check the yard and/or whether our yard passed.  I will be calling the Humane Society first thing in the morning to find out what happened.

Meanwhile, it was Monday Night Football with the Chargers and Jaguars.  Bob and Sally came over for pizza and salad.  Bob was playing with Walker and found the antler ears in the dining room.  Walker put on his Santa hat, then climbed in between Sally and Bob for a quick picture.  I was pleasantly surprised Bob let me take the picture since he rarely gets into the pictures – it’s always Sally and Walker posing for me.  Thanks Bob!


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