Day Two Hundred Thirty Five

I called the Humane Society first thing this morning to find out why someone hadn’t come by our house yesterday to do a yard check or, if they did, whether we passed or not.  When I got someone on the phone and told them that no one left a card or note about the yard check, she immediately says, “That usually means ‘no’.”  Then she went to go check.  When she came back on the line, she informed me that our yard did in fact pass, but wasn’t sure why a card wasn’t left for us.  We could come get Charlie today.  Woohoo!

I left work at 3:00 p.m., picked up Walker, then headed to Ojai to pick up Charlie.  We picked up a harness, leash, a small football toy (courtesy of Walker), name tag and all the paperwork we needed to take him to the Vet.  On the way home, Charlie sat on a blanket in the front seat since Walker was not thrilled to have Charlie in the back seat jumping on him.  Charlie did really well on the ride home.

Bob came over to help install one of the baby gates across the kitchen and to meet Charlie.  Thank you Bob!  In the evening, Charlie learned how to use the doggie door, but still went pottie on the carpet.  We’ve got some training ahead of us since he is used to going pottie on the concrete at the shelter.  We later put Charlie in the kitchen with both baby gates when we went out to the hot tub since we couldn’t watch to make sure he didn’t pottie in the house.  All of a sudden, here comes Charlie through the bedroom!  He had gotten out.  Turns out he jumped onto his carrying case and over the baby gate.  Once we moved the carrier, all was well.  That was until he escaped again!  He could jump over the baby gate without help!  So, I raised the baby gate and put a piece of wood underneath so he couldn’t get out.  That worked until about 11:30 p.m. last night when Charlie came wandering in my room.  Walker woke up crying, so I figured Charlie found him first.  I finally put two chairs against the baby gate in the dining room which made it too high for him to jump over.  The remainder of the night was quiet.




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