Day Two Hundred Fifty

Walker was extremely tired when I picked him up from daycare.  He had been playing hard all day and is fighting a head cold.  His eyes were red and he almost fell asleep before we got home.  Once home, Dave tucked him into our bed with a blanket and allowed him to watch NickJr. for a while in the quiet confines of our bedroom.  Charlie and Lyla Blu were busy playing in the front room and just too much for Walker right away.

I made seafood pasta for dinner, then got Walker into a nice, warm bubble bath.  It was after the bath that he finally “woke up”.  Walker played with Lyla Blu and his big train until about 8:45 p.m.  He would have played longer had I let him.  Charlie was worn out from playing with Lyla Blu all day, so he was already knocked out on Grandma Sherry’s lap.  Although it took a while to get Walker to go to sleep, he did go to sleep in his own bed.  Here’s hoping he sleeps all night again (and doesn’t roll out of his bed)!


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