Day Two Hundred Fifty Five

I went in to work this morning for about an hour.  Grandma Sherry came with me.  David was in the office in shorts, a T-shirt and no shoes.  It gave an entirely new meaning to casual day.  He left shortly after we did.

Glenn, Lisa, Madi and Miranda stayed at the house with Dave, Grandma Pam and Papa Walt.  Lisa was playing Candy Land and Play-Doh with Walker.  Lisa was his new best friend!  They left in the afternoon to head home.  Grandma Pam, Papa Walt, Grandma Sherry and I played Sequence and Oh Shoot! the remainder of the afternoon.  We tried to get Walker to go to sleep by cuddling him up in his CARS blanket watching a movie.  Dave took off to go surfing around 2:00 and returned at about 4:30 p.m.  Walker fell asleep just after Dave got home.

In the evening, we all headed over to Bob and Sally’s for Mexican food, margaritas and Monday Night Football.  The food was yummy as always!  Grandma Pam and Papa Walt will be heading back to Arizona tomorrow.  Dave has to get up early and go into work since he has the next six days off.  Grandma Sherry and I may take the dogs and Walker to the beach or check out the Ronald Reagan Library.  I guess we will decide in the morning once we find out what time we are picking up Savannah and Madison from Fillmore.


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