Day Two Hundred Fifty Nine

Grandma Sherry and I finished cleaning up after Christmas which included the tree.  Grandma Sherry started with the bottom branches while I helped finished the top.  It took us a while to cut up the Christmas tree, but we got it done and were able to fit all of the branches in the recycling for next week’s green trash pick-up.  We left the tree trunk for Dave to cut up for firewood when he gets home on Saturday.

Walker was feeling better today so we headed out to Toys R Us to pick up a new game for Grandma Sherry called Sequence.  Glenn and Lisa introduced us to the game and we love it!  I also wanted to see if there were any of Walker’s games on sale for his MobiGo.  Unfortunately not.

Afterwards, we headed to Cronies for some hot wings and fries.  However, Walker started complaining that it was too loud and hurt his ears.  We ended up leaving before we even ordered.  We ended up having lunch again at In & Out just for Grandma Sherry.  I told her we were done for a while as we probably consumed 2,000 calories between the burgers, animal fries and shakes!  I will be calling Jenny Craig next week for sure!

Bob and Sally invited us over for dinner tonight so we brought a movie for Walker to watch while we played Sequence afterwards.  Bob also taught me how to play Euchre.  We had a great time before heading for home and bed.


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