Day Two Hundred Sixty One


It was a gorgeous day in Southern California for the first day of January 2012.  We had to get out of the house and enjoy the sun.  Walker was feeling much better by now.  We packed up the dogs, the surfboard and the entire gang headed out to Surfer’s Point in Ventura.  Grandma Sherry, Walker and I walked the boardwalk with the dogs while Dave went surfing.  It was crowded on the land and in the water.  Everyone was out enjoying the day.

In the afternoon, Grandma Sherry and I played Sequence while we waited for Walker to get up from his nap.  He slept a good two hours before he woke up a little cranky.  He was sent to his room to throw his tantrums and by the second trip, he was finally done.  Dave made a delicious tri-tip for dinner, then we all went into the hot tub afterwards.  Walker went to bed shortly before 9:00 p.m.  He has been doing really well sleeping in his own bed all night.  Tomorrow, we will work on the potty training again.  He has been a little lazy with everyone in town.  Too busy to stop to go potty in the big boy potty!


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