Day Two Hundred Sixty Four

Happy Birthday Sally!

It was a busy day in the office and I couldn’t wait for Katelen to come in so I could find out how Dee liked her Kindle Fire.  Apparently, Dee loved it so much she cried when she opened it.  Kudos to Katelen for choosing the perfect gift for her Aunt!

I found out this afternoon that one of Katelen’s college friends had died over the holidays.  Julia Rivas was only 19 years old when the car she was driving collided head on with another vehicle on the morning of Friday, December 30, 2011.  They believe Julia got distracted while driving and veered onto the shoulder of the road into the dirt.  When she over-corrected to get back onto the road, she crossed over the center line and collided with another vehicle.  They believe Julia was killed instantly due to head trauma.  There is a memorial set up on the shoulder of Harbor Boulevard where the accident occurred.  Katelen asked if we could stop so she could pay her respects.  What was sad to me was all the beer bottles her friends had left at the site.  It portrayed a 19 year-old girl who loved to party and although this may have been the case, I’m sure this is not how Julia wants to be remembered.

In the evening, Grandma Sherry and I took Walker and the dogs for a walk down at Seabridge.  I couldn’t help but think about Julia’s friends and family and the painful loss they are feeling.  I pray they find peace and comfort in each other.  The holidays will never be the same for them without her.  Rest in peace Julia.


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