Day Two Hundred Seventy Five

Dave and Savannah headed out early this morning to try out their new surfboards.  Kelly, Walker and I went over to the Navy Base for haircuts.  Walker’s hair was really out-of-control and Kelly needed a haircut too.  Walker was a very good boy while the hairdresser took her time cutting his hair as his hair had really grown out.  After the haircuts, we went over to the Exchange to buy Walker a little gift for being so patient with his 45 minute haircut!  He picked out a tractor trailer truck that came with its own car.  He loved it!

The three of us went to Toppers for lunch and watched part of the football game while Walker played with his new truck.  Once home, Walker refused to nap.  Savannah and I ventured out to Target to pick up some necessities for Kelly (since he is now living with us), a few items for their room including a book shelf, bamboo blinds and a trash can.  We didn’t find the blinds Savannah wanted at Target so we headed to Home Depot and found exactly what she wanted.

Savannah worked on her new surfboard once we got home finishing sanding and removing the paint from the bottom which she had started the night before.    Sally joined us for dinner as Bob had to work late this evening.  We had a great dinner, enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine, then headed out for an evening walk with Charlie and Darby.  We had Kelly go with us too so he could get a little exercise as well.  I’m looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow since I don’t have to work.  Hopefully, Walker will sleep in too!



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