Day Two Hundred Seventy Seven

It was a sunny, crisp morning on the way in to work today.  Walker was excited about going back to Lori’s after having been at home since last Wednesday.

I kept busy at work today and headed out for a walk at lunchtime.  It warmed up quite a bit as I walked.  It felt really good to get out of the office.  After work, Katelen drove us to Dee’s office where we popped in for a quick visit to see everyone.  They’ve moved everyone upstairs, including Evelyn, which was kind of strange to see after all of these years of being greeted by Evelyn as you came in the front door.  Business is good for them though.

In the evening, I made beef stroganoff for dinner.  We met up with Bob and Sally afterwards and we took all three dogs for a walk.  It was quite humorous, especially when Sally let Walker take Darby’s leash.  Walker likes to run so poor Darby was dragged along.  The rest of the evening was fairly quiet, although Walker is having trouble sleeping again.  He woke up just before midnight.  I finally got him back to sleep just before 1:00 a.m.  That means I’ll need lots of coffee tomorrow!



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