Day Two Hundred Seventy Eight

It was another sunny, crisp day in Ventura today.  I walked over to the Pacific View Mall for some quick shopping at JC Penney for work clothes.  They were having a great sale so I picked up a couple of extra items.

Today was day one of Lori’s bootcamp with potty training Walker.  He won’t be allowed to go outside and play with the other kids until he uses the potty.  He did fairly well for the first day and only had to sit inside in the afternoon when he didn’t want to use the potty.  He is potty training with two other kids so hopefully, he’ll pick up on it soon!

By the time I picked up Walker from Lori’s house, I was starving.  I did not want to cook anything and we didn’t have enough leftovers from the other night to go around.  So Dave, Walker and I went to the Mandarin House for chinese food.  The wonton soup was really good as was the pupu tray.  Walker was pretty wound up which made it difficult for him to sit still through dinner.  I think he’s at that age where one stops taking their 3 year-old out for dinner!

We skipped our walk this evening and went into the hot tub instead.  We started to watch the beginning of American Idol, but we ended up missing most of it as Walker was having a hard time going to sleep again.  He awoke three more times which meant neither I nor he got much sleep.  I’ll be dragging again tomorrow 😦


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