Day Two Hundred Eighty One

Today was going to be the beginnings of Walker’s potty training home boot camp.  After waking this morning, I changed him into chonies and talked to him about the importance of being a big boy.  He did really good and spent most of the day in his chonies and asking to go potty when we were out and about.  No accidents!

We ran errands around town and tried to pick up work applications for Kelly.  Unfortunately, most companies these days have their application process online.  We tried In & Out Burger, Home Depot, Cost Plus, Party City, BJs, Sam’s Club and TJ Maxx.  TJ Maxx was the only one with a paper application.

When we returned home, Kelly and I spent the next three hours completing online applications…or at least most of the application while Walker napped.  Things have changed a lot since I have had to apply for a job, particularly applying online.  BJs had a 10 minute timed test of questions, then another 45 minutes of questions they wanted you to answer.  Sam’s Club also had a ton of questions, but fortunately, it wasn’t timed.  This was in addition to filling out all of your personal information and work history.  Needless to say, it was exhausting!  Kelly will finish up the remainder of the questionnaires tomorrow.

Just before sunset, Kelly and I made a quick drive down to the beach.  I could tell the skies were going to be awesome.  It was cold and really windy.  The sand was blowing everywhere so we only stayed long enough for me to take some shots before we ran back to the car and out of the cold wind.

Dave made a really good steak dinner with cooked carrots and mashed potatoes.  We then went into the hot tub to relax.  Walker stayed up a little late as he had slept nearly 3 hours for his nap today.




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