Day Two Hundred Ninety One

I went for a walk at lunch today with April.  It was a beautiful, crisp and sunny day in Ventura.  It felt good to get out and walk and to take a break from work.  We had a last-minute settlement of a case and I had to get the judgment documents completed as soon as possible as trial is tomorrow.  I got it done just after lunch and all was well.

Bob and Sally invited Walker and I over for dinner tonight.  I took the opportunity to switch lenses on my camera and use my 100mm macro lens on the flowers in their backyard.  The calla lilies were beautiful and blooming.  We had BBQ pork chops, salad and tater-tots.  Walker ate most of his dinner.  Afterwards, we took all three dogs for a walk while Walker rode his bike.  I am so glad he is really enjoying riding his bike.

Towards the end of the walk, I decided to wrap Charlie’s leash around Walker’s handle bars on his bike.  Charlie took off running pulling Walker along behind him.  Walker was having a ball!  He screamed and laughed while Charlie pulled him along.  I did my best to hold on to the hood of Walker’s jacket so Charlie wouldn’t whip Walker’s bike and crash him.  They both did well…until we got near Bob and Sally’s house.  Charlie took off like a rocket and the first words out of my mouth were, “Uh oh.  This isn’t going to end well.”  Just then, Charlie took a sharp right turn up the driveway and Walker went CRASH!  Fortunately, he was wearing his helmet.  He cried for a bit but he wasn’t hurt.  I think it was more of the shock of what just happened!  I wished I had my camera and video rolling.  It was too funny!


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