Day Two Hundred Ninety Three

Tonight, Sally and I went to Zumba class.  This was the first class Sally had been to in two weeks as she had been sick the last two Thursdays.  For some reason, I was not feeling it tonight and had tremendous lack of energy.  I had even had an XS energy drink about 2:30 p.m. today, but it didn’t seem to be kicking in.  I made it through the class watching Sally dance away and kick my bottom!

We stopped for dinner at El Pollo Loco on the way home as everyone else had already eaten.  We chowed down on chicken bowls and relaxed after our class.  When I arrived at home, Walker was still dressed and hadn’t taken a bath yet.  He was waiting for me to go into the hot tub.  I took some quick photos of Walker earlier in the evening playing with his rescue truck as he kept trying to hook up the life raft to the truck.  He had broken the hook off of the line again and was trying to figure out how to connect the boat without the hook!


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