Day Two Hundred Ninety Six

It was a busy morning as Dave took off just before 7:00 a.m. to go surfing and I started laundry, cleaning and putting together my artichoke crab dip for the Super Bowl Party this afternoon.

We went to the Base this afternoon to try to find replacement flip-flops for Kelly as Charlie had chewed up his only pair.  We picked up a few items before heading back to the house.  On the way home, Dave made a quick stop at Do It Best Center while Walker and I waited in the car.  I had brought my camera (as I normally do), just in case I come across a photo moment while we are out and about.  I ended up capturing this photograph of a seagull perched on the top of the clock tower in the shopping center.

Walker refused to take a nap this afternoon but incredibly, he did really well at the Super Bowl Party given his lack of sleep.  We had a great time at Bob and Sally’s house and ate way too much food.  Dave and I groaned as we rolled ourselves out of Bob and Sally’s house and into the hot tub.  Shortly after the hot tub, Dave snuggled with Walker and Charlie and by 8:10 p.m., Walker was out!  When I picked him up to put him into bed, he didn’t even move.  That was one tucked out little boy!  Speaking of which, this is week three that Walker has worn chonies all during the day.  He’s had a couple of accidents but for the most part, he is excited about using the potty.  Thank goodness!



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